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LINE allows messages to be sent and received using its Messaging API. This allows developers and third-party apps to automatically communicate through LINE.

Channel Integration

Self help - LINE video
To begin, you will need:
  • A LINE Official Account or Business Account.
  • A channel associated with the above account. For more information, see the official help page for creating a channel.
Connect to iMBrace, please follow the steps below:
STEP 1: Log in to LINE Developers Console.
LINE Developers Console
STEP 2: Under Providers, select your Admin and click [Create a new channel].
Create a new channel
STEP 3: Select [Messaging API].
Messaging API
STEP 4: Fill in all required fields and click [Create] > [OK] > [Agree].
Fill in requried fields
STEP 5: Under Basic settings, copy Channel ID.
Copy Channel ID
STEP 6: In iMBrace, create a new LINE channel account and paste the Channel ID to the LINE Channel ID.
Paste Channel ID
STEP 7: In LINE Developers Console, copy Channel Secret.
Copy Channel secret
STEP 8: In iMBrace, paste the Channel secret to the LINE Channel Secret.
Paste Channel secret
STEP 9: Click [Copy URL] to copy the Webhook URL.
Copy Webhook URL
STEP 10: In LINE Developers Console, under the Webhook settings, paste the Webhook URL and click [Update] > [Verify] > [OK].
Paste Webhook URL
STEP 11: Turn on the Use webhook.
Turn on Use webhook
STEP 12: Under the Channel access token section, click [Issue] and copy the Channel access token (long-lived).
Copy Channel access token (long-lived)
STEP 13: In iMBrace, paste the Channel access token (long-lived) to the LINE Channel Token and click [CREATE] > [Active].
Paste LINE Channel Token
DONE: The channel account can then be used to send and receive messages through LINE using the LINE and LINE Trigger nodes.