Set up Data Boards

To set up data boards, follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to the "Data Boards" section and click the button "Create New" located on the top right side. After dropdown menu appears, Click the button "New Board".
Step 2: Type in "Board Name" and "Board Description".
Step 3: Type in "Field Name" and "Field Type".
Add More Fields: Click the button "Create New" located on the top right side and click the button "New Field".
Add More Records: Click the button "Create New" located on the top right side and click the button "New Record".
With the steps above, you can easily set up Data Board.

Create Contact record in Data Boards

Step 1: From Data Boards, go to Contacts Board, click create new and select new record.
Step 2: Input your full name and any other relevant details into designated fields. Once done, save the information by clicking the save icon located at the top right corner to successfully create the contact record.
  • One Contact Record can have multiple linked Opportunity Records.
Step 1: Navigate to Contact Record you've created, proceed to the Opportunities tab within that record, click on the edit icon on the top right, and subsequently click the plus icon to create new Opportunities associated with that particular Contact Record.
Step 2: Input your Opportunities Name and click the save icon and you will have successfully created an Opportunity under your Contact Record.
Step 1: To generate a new task from the Contact Record Board, access the task tab within the Contact Record and select the edit icon at the top right. While in edit mode, locate the plus icon at the bottom right, enabling you to add a new Task. You'll be prompted to link it with a contact and opportunity, or directly link it to a Contact. Once linked, click the save icon to finalize the Task creation process.
Step 2: Once completed, your newly added Task will be visible under the Task tab within your Contact Record.
Step 3: You can directly link a task to an Opportunity by creating Task inside the Opportunity Record. Navigate to your Opportunity Record and go to the Task tab, click edit icon and input your Task Name and click save.

Error case (Invalid URL)

  • Under the Task Board, if the URL is pasted at wrong field for example the Contact Record URL is pasted at Opportunity Record field while Opportunity Record URL is pasted at Contact Record field, it will show an error message of wrong URL.
  • If the link you pasted in invalid or is from a deleted Contact Record or Opportunity Record, it will trigger an error message.
  • If an Opportunity Record isn't connected to a Contact Record, but a Task is connected to the Contact Record, sharing the Opportunity's Record link with the Task will create a mismatch since the Opportunity Record isn't associated directly with the Contact Record as can be seen from the figure below.
  • Mismatch Scenario 1: Contact URL is Contact A but Opportunity A URL is Contact B
  • Mismatch Scenario 2: Contact URL is Contact A but Opportunity A has no Contact linked

Opportunity conflict ( Editing contact URL and task URL)

Step 1: Navigate to your Opportunity you have created from Opportunity Board, for example based on below Opportunity Jagjit-27, it is linked to Contact Record Jagjit.
Step 2: Navigate to your Task you have created from Task Board, as can be seen in below figure, it is linked to the Contact Record (Jagjit) and also the Opportunity (Jagjit-27).
Step 3: From the Opportunity Board, for example replace the Contact Record URL “Jagjit” with “Jagjit2” Contact Record URL and click save.
Step 4: Navigate to Contact Record, for this instance we navigate to “Jagjit2” and we can see the Tasks and Opportunities which were from Contact Record “Jagjit” are updated to Contact Record “Jagjit2”.