ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for their operations.

Account integration using OAuth

To begin, you will need:

STEP 1: Register an account, click on [Start building].

STEP 2: Click on [Request Instance].

STEP 3: Login with the given username and password.

STEP 4: Navigate to System OAuth > Application Registry.

STEP 5: Click [New] button > Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients.

STEP 6: Complete the following fields:

  • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the new endpoint.

  • Client ID: Auto populated field, you will need this ID to configure your iMBRACE credentials.

  • Client Secret: Enter your desired secret or leave blank to auto generate a random string. You will need this to configure your credentials.

  • Redirect URL: In iMBRACE, copy the OAuth Callback URL.

    • iMBRACE

    • Paste it in ServiceNow.

STEP 7: Click [Submit] to save and create your new endpoint.

STEP 8: In iMBrace, enter a descriptive Credentials Name.

STEP 9: Under Credential Data complete the following fields:

  • Client ID: Enter the client ID generated above.

  • Client Secret: Enter your client secret created above.

  • Subdomain: Enter the subdomain of your ServiceNow instance. This can be seen in your instance URL: https://<subdomain>

STEP 10: From the OAuth section, click the [Connect button] to establish the connection and finalize your iMBRACE credentials.

DONE: The credential can then be used for ServiceNow nodes.

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