Connect Channels

To connect multiple channels to your organization account, such as Web Widget, Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to the Channels section and select the channel you want to connect. Click the "➕" icon to proceed.
Step 2: Enter the necessary credentials and details for the channel, and then click "CREATE". Alternatively, you can click "Log in with Facebook" for quicker connect and access to Facebook.
Once you've completed these steps, the new channel will appear in your list.
For Web Widget specifically, you will need to follow a few additional steps:
Step 3: Click the pencil icon "🖋️" located on the right side, it will take you to the Web Widget Customization page.
Step 4: Follow the prompts to set up the Web Widget Customization pages. Then, copy the installation code provided and paste it onto the page where you want the widget to appear.
Step 5: Finally, click "DONE" and then “SAVE AND ACTIVATE”.
For more details about channels, refer to the appropriate documentation.