Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM allows access to its services using OAuth, which is a way to authenticate Zoho users on other websites. This allows Zoho users to integrate and perform automated tasks on their account using the iMBrace platform.

Account integration using OAuth

To begin, you will need:
  • A Zoho CRM account.
STEP 1: Go to the Zoho API Console (https://api-console.zoho.com/).
STEP 2: Go to [Get Started] > [Server-based Applications].
STEP 3: In iMBrace, create a new credential of type Zoho OAuth2 API and identify the OAuth redirect URL.
STEP 4: In the Zoho Console, create a new client by entering the necessary information. Enter the redirect URL from iMBrace under Authorized redirect URLs.
STEP 5: Click [Create] to generate the client ID and client secret.
STEP 6: Copy the client ID and secret into iMBrace and click on [Connect my account] to complete the OAuth authentication.
DONE: The new credential can then be used for Zoho CRM nodes.
Last modified 7mo ago