• Conversations - Our Communication Core. A Multi-Channel Inbox for everything
  • Contacts - Customer Profile/ Personna
  • Campaigns - Manage your Campaigns and Event in one go
  • Workflow - Workflows for your conversations, automations, integrations and Campaigns. Explore, Create. Edit. Check it out. It’s powerful.
  • Channels - Setup connecting for all your customer and internal interaction channels
  • Credentials - Setup credentials for all your services. We natively integrated with 100+ services already so you can connect and use them on workflows
  • Analysics - To view analysis reports
  • My Teams - Teams that you are invited or joined. You can also invite others. Team Power!!!
  • Settings
    • All Teams - To Create/ Edit teams and add team members
    • Org Members - This shows all members currently in your organization/ Business Unit. You can invite, edit, de/activate.
    • Message Templates - To edit/add the message templates for quick curated responses. Also for Whatsapp template use. More features coming soon.
  • Notifications - New incoming message (new customer). For grab mode team, only the fastest team member joining the conversation can join the conversation
Conversations Status:
  • Online - Online Status of Web Chat customers. Auto Email fallback turns on when offline
  • Overdue - Default overdue time is 5 minutes.
  • Soon to be - Default Soon to be Overdue time is 3 mins
  • Rep Needed - A new unserved conversation
  • Pending - Waiting for team member to reply (Team member joined)
  • Closed - Inactive conversation for more than 24hours. Will reopen automatically when reengaged. (Auto close conversation for last message sent by team members, others can be closed manually)
Workflows tabs:
  • My Workflows - All your conversation Workflows.
  • My Automations - Your Automation Workflows.
  • My Presets - Preset Sub-workflows