• Conversations - Our Communication Core - A Multi-Channel Inbox for seamless communication.
  • Data Boards - Manage an array of information including customer profiles, leads, social medias and customized data boards/tables.
  • Campaigns - Manage all your Campaigns and Events in one place.
  • Workflow - Explore, Create, and Edit Workflows for conversations, automations, integrations and Campaigns. It’s a powerful tool to streamline your operations.
  • Channels - Streamline connections for all your external and internal interaction channels.
  • Credentials - Setup credentials for all your services which are natively integrated with 100+ services.
  • Teams - Teams that you are invited to or have joined. You can also invite other people
  • Settings
    • Org Members - View and add team members to your organization/business Unit. Invite, edit, or deactivate as needed.
    • Message Templates - To edit/add the message templates for quick curated responses. Also for WhatsApp template use. More features coming soon.
  • Notifications - Receive alerts for new chat rooms initiated by new customers, ensuring you're always on top of incoming messages. In grab mode teams, this is where grab mode team members can grab conversations to join.
  • Organization Apps - A section for the users to access customization solutions.
Conversations Status:
  • Online - Indicates the online status of customers in the web chat.
  • Rep Needed - Identifies a new, unserved conversation. (No team member joined yet)
  • Pending - Indicates a conversation awaiting a team member’s reply. (Team member joined)
  • Soon to be - Waiting for a team member to join for more than 3 minutes.
  • Overdue - Waiting for a team member to join for more than 5 minutes.
  • Closed - Inactive conversations auto-close after 24 hours, reopening upon re-engagement. Auto-close applies only to the last message sent by team members; others can be manually closed.
Workflows Tabs:
  • Channel workflows - Workflows designed for specific communication channels like WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Facebook, Line, and more.
  • Board Automation - Workflow triggered by changes in the data board such as when records are created or fields are updated.
  • General Automation - Versatile workflows that can be triggered manually or through methods like webhooks or schedules. Integrates with third-party software for a wide range of applications. (Example: Create record on Salesforce, then get record on, and then delete record on Google Sheet).
  • My Presets - Preset Sub-workflows
    • Workflow templates
    • Can be integrated into General Automation/Board Automation/Channel Workflow
    • Example: Build a generic workflow that can be reused multiple times in different workflows.