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Web Widget

Web Widget allows messages to be sent and received using its script. This allows developers and third-party apps to automatically communicate through Web Widget.

Channel Integration

Self help - Web Widget video (Safari is not supported)
STEP 1: In iMBrace, create a new Web Widget channel.
Web Widget credential
STEP 2: Click the [Edit] button.
Edit button
STEP 3: Fill in all the fields, upload all the required documents including images and etc under the Widget Style section. (Please refer to the video 0:11 – 0:42)
Widget Style section
STEP 4: Fill in all the fields and upload the required document under the Fallback email section. (Please refer to the video 0:42 – 1:24)
Fallback email section
STEP 5: Copy the Installation Code and click [DONE].
Installation section
STEP 6: Click [SAVE AND ACTIVATE] and paste the Installation Code to your page.
DONE: The channel account can then be used to send and receive messages through Web Widget using the script.