Shopify offers developers to integrate Shopify's functionality into custom apps outside of the official website. This can be used to allow access to Shopify's API through the iMBrace platform.

Account integration using Apps

To begin, you will need:
  • A Shopify account with an associated online storefront.
STEP 1: In the bottom-left corner, go to [Settings].
STEP 2: In the left side-bar, go to [Apps and sales channels].
STEP 3: Go to [Develop apps for your store] > [Allow custom app development].
STEP 4: Once enabled, create a new app and enter the necessary information in the dialog box that appears.
STEP 5: Go to [Configuration] > [Admin API integration]. Select the relevant access scopes for use with the iMBrace platform.
STEP 6: In the top-right corner, click on [Install App] to generate access tokens.
STEP 7: You will then be able to view your API key, secret key and access token for your Shopify app.
STEP 8: Identify the subdomain of your Shopify storefront. This is the part of the URL before the “” (in the example below, it is “f337c7”).
STEP 9: In iMBrace, create a new credential of type Shopify API and enter the API key and shop subdomain. Enter the secret key into the Shared Secret field and the access token into the Password field. Then click [Submit].
DONE: The credential can then be used with Shopify nodes.
Last modified 1yr ago